5 Common Vitamins That Treat Warts

Warts are inflammatory growths on random body surface initiated by the human papillomavirus. They grow either separately or in clusters. Medical treatment of warts is done with vitamins which either prevent their growth or help in reducing them by directly attacking the affected area. The common vitamins used to treat warts are as follows.

Vitamin A

The epithelial layer is targeted by Vitamin A and hence if consumed orally or applied on the wart affected area of the skin, it helps diminish the infection. The dosage of Vitamin A should be prescribed by a dermatologist as improper dosage may have harmful effects on the body. Warts can be treated with Vitamin A gel caps by applying the gel directly to the affected area. The common method is to intake Vitamin A capsules or its supplements.

Vitamin C

Since human papillomavirus is responsible for the growth of warts, Vitamin C is one of the best treatments. This is because Vitamin C has excellent anti-viral properties and also helps in immunizing the body from the affecting virus. For best results to reduce warts, Vitamin C must contain Bioflavonoids. The Bioflavonoids are catalytic medicine constituents that boost the activity of Vitamin C. It is also an excellent anti-oxidant which can be used to treat any inflammation (warts in this case).

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps promote faster healing of skin and tissue because it is a powerful antioxidant.  Also, the dosage of Vitamin C helps develop better immunity by increased circulation of anti-viral agents to warts affected area. Like Vitamin A, gel capsules of Vitamin E are also available if a patient wants to apply it directly to warts. Vitamin E dosage should be taken only after a doctor’s prescription.


Podophyllum is a common vitamin supplement that is used to treat warts. It acts on the wart directly by destroying tissue growth hence diminishing the inflammation. Podophyllum is an application based vitamin and has no oral supplement. If applied inappropriately, it can become poisonous hence podophyllum is generally applied in the Dermatology clinic.

Zinc Vitamins

Zinc is an immunizing agent that helps in the treatment of warts if consumed as a Vitamin supplement. Capsules containing Zinc Sulphate are orally consumed for reduction of viral warts. Not only does it destroy the existing growth of warts, but also it increases the immunity of the body towards warts and helps prevent further growth.

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