Foods That will Prevent Wart Growth

Warts are the result of viral (Human Papillomavirus) infection on the epidermal part of the skin. The virus enters the thick skin through a cut or opening. The infection looks like a small outgrowth and spreads when untreated. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) causes warts in different parts of the body especially in the extremities.

Foods that fight warts

The list of foods below fights or helps the body to fight and prevent further wart growth in the body.

Green vegetables

Vegetables containing high amount of vitamin, minerals and antioxidants boost immunity and decrease vulnerability of cells towards viral infection. Broccoli, kale, spinach and other leafy vegetables promote immunity and remove free radicals which damages tissue.


High antioxidant containing fruits like cherries, blueberries and tomatoes prevents warts from spreading. Vitamin C rich fruits also boost immunity and help the body to fight with HPV. Fruits containing high amount of Vitamin A helps in communication between cells which is the primary foundation of the immune system to fight and prevent spreading of the viral infection.


Garlic has high amount of antioxidants which prevents fungal, bacterial as well as viral infections. It is also effective in parasitic infections. Oregano and green tea contains flavonoids and polyphenols that acts like antioxidants. These powerful compounds strengthen the immunity and ward off the symptoms of the viral infection.

Necessary proteins

Certain researches have shown that consuming proper amount of protein from the recommended food sources like beans, fish, meat and nuts boost immunity and build the infected skin very fast. Almonds and beans have high concentration of Vitamin B and proteins that helps the process. Calcium and Zinc present in the food sources like oysters are very beneficial as the minerals promote important enzymatic actions in the body.

Water consumption

Drinking water in proper amount is always beneficial for the well being. Proper urination flushes out the byproducts and keeps the body clean. The enzymatic actions are well promoted and the skin stays moisturized from inside. The infected area gets healed fast due to proper consumption of water.

Vitamin D

The naturally prepared Vitamin D from sunlight by our skin is very important too. It also improves the immunity system and helps in fighting skin diseases like warts.


Other than consuming the suggested foods it is better to take topical action to have better and fast results. Warts cannot be left for a long time as it might get deeper and harder to remove. It is better to act fast and apt.

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